Digital engagement, Mobile couponing, Mobile loyalty, CRM

Bitmoov was born in 2011 through the merge of marketing and technological competencies in order to offer innovative new digital interaction services and solutions amongst customers, Brands and Retailers.

Our Mission

Create value for our Clients by increasing sales, stimulating purchasing habits, enhancing loyalty and developing a continuous relationship through offerings tailored to customer needs. In other words, monetizing your campaigns anywhere, anyplace and at anytime through a unique shopping experience!

Our Targets

All Brands, Retailers and Shops who need to create, manage and develop relationships with current Clients or prospects through multichannel engagement (web, mobile, etc.), with the support of CRM tools and mobile payment capabilities.

How we accomplish this

We have developed an integrated ecosystem of services, CRM software, smartphone and tablet apps which all blend into one unique system products, clients, point of sales, marketing campaigns, remote and proximity payments. This eco-system stimulates purchasing occasions, customer relationship, loyalty and overall brand experience. We help Brand, Retailers and Shops in exploiting the maximum potentials of every campaign with real-time engagements: customers can purchase anywhere, anyplace and at anytime according to their needs.

The startegies we use

Digital engagement

Creating and continuously stimulating dialogue with your Customers through profilng and campaign management tools to deliver DEM (direct emails), SMS and App notifications.

Mobile couponing/vouchering

An effective way to reach Clients anytime and anywhere, to build in-store traffic and increase impulse-purchasing via mobile.

Mobile loyalty

An ideal tool to increase loyalty membership and participation thanks to the quick and easy registration process and card virtualization.


An indispensable system to create and manage information products, clients, stores, loyalty), develop multichannel profiled campaigns, track purchase behaviour patterns and every action made by Customers in order to offer ever more targetted and customized promotions, including geolocation-based campaigning.

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