Mobile Shopping

We develop and manage customized engaging mobile shopping applications, which allow a unique customer experience and which supports customers during the entire purchasing process, both remotely or in a store!

Mobile Shopping App

How it works

Through the campaign management functionalities (app notifications, sms and email) we invite customers to purchase products or give feedbacks by sending customized mobile coupons or information. Coupons can be redeemed directly within the consumer mobile app or at the Point of sales. In the first case, the product can be delivered at home or picked-up at the store. Products and special offers can be purchased also through scanning packages, a physical product, an advertisiment or through qrcode/barcode scanning. Once the purchase has been completed the customer always receives a receipt (digital coupon and an email) which can be checked at the point of sales an directly in the mobile app.

Main functionalities

  • Mobile commerce
  • Receiving coupon notifcations to use in app or in a store
  • In app purchase within a products catalogue visible on the device or through the scanning BARCode/QRCode or any kind of product image (packed, unpacked or advertising pictures)
  • Digital wallet
  • Loyalty programs management
  • Integration capability with every e-commerce system already owned by Client
  • Social login and sharing
  • Store locator and consumer geolocalization

Tablet App dedicated for points of sale

How it works

In order to close the purchase cycle we have developed a dedicated app for Point of Sales in order to let the Merchant redeem coupons, recognize payment receipts and deliver the purchased products. It is a customizable app which allows campaign fulfillment directly through a tablet and to control and monitor on-going campaigns and returns, including revenues per campaign or per customer. Thanks to this tool the point of sales and the brand have additional data regarding customers in order to boost sales.

Main functionalities

  • Coupon redeeming
  • Real-time Payment receipt checking
  • Loyalty program management
  • Real-time Campaign status and redemptions
  • Real-time sales analysis by client/campaign
  • Can be integrated into existing software and apps

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