Moover is an integrated software solution, including mobile apps (smartphone and tablets), which blend various functionalities into one ecosystem for marketing and sales needs and to offer a unique shopping experience.


Moover is modular, flexible and totally customizable and can be used through a simple web interface, both at a “central (HQ)” level (Brand/Retailer) as well as on a “local” level (PoS/Shops). Campaigns can be developed so as to be fulfilled through impulse-buying (directly in the app or by scanning an Ad/Qrcode..), or to increase in-store traffic building and purchases. All data is managed in a single repository which offers detailed real-time reporting to monitor campaign results, purchases and customer analysis.

Main functionalities

  • Client information management
  • Products/Services digital catalogue and database management
  • Generating and managing QRCode, BARCode e Images in order to reference and manage products/services
  • Data set import module for the integration with current Clients product management system
  • Mobile payments management and digital wallet
  • Multichannel marketing and sales campaign design and management, also geo-location based (app notifications, DEM, sms)
  • Loyalty program and virtual card management
  • Point of Sales management
  • Multi-level Reporting

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